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Text messaging tips for men

Whether you’re opposed to sending text messages or you’re part of the cult, sending SMS is the new art of flirting. Consider this situation. You just got home from a party and about to call it a night. Suddenly, your phone vibrates and you get a message from a guy you just met. “What are you up to?” the message reads. You pause for a while and think of an appropriate reply. “Just the usual routine. You?” And so the flirting begins. Your messages are short but the exchange is meaningful and full of hints
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How to meet women online

How to meet women online? Nowadays, when people are too busy and too rushed to get through to communicate, the Internet gives us a helping hand. On the Internet, people can easily interact, and why not, might find a life … Continue reading

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How to attract women with body language

So, how to attract women with your body language? Body language is very important and a vital part of attracting a women towards yourself.As body language is something which spells the confidence that a man carries while approaching towards a … Continue reading

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