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I am Cuban, two questions, does my birth certificate have to be legalized by MINREX to marry a foreigner?

I don’t live in Havana but I want to get married in the city, does the address matter or should it be in my province that Artemisa is?

Your documents issued in Cuba do not have to be legalized in MINREX and you can marry the person you choose in the place you consider within the national territory.

I am a lesbian and my girlfriend is American. We want to get married by power of attorney since in Cuba equal marriage between gay and lesbian is not approved. What documentation would my girlfriend and I need to get married by power of attorney?

If you refer to marrying in Cuba by proxy, it is not possible by any variant. If it would be in Argentina, then you should ask Argentine specialists or lawyers, we do not know about that.

I would like to know now that Havana returned to the 1st face if the legal consultancies are already open or when they open for marriages.

My boyfriend who is waiting for his residency in the United States, could we marry through power of attorney?

Hello, I am Cuban, I live in Cuba and my boyfriend is Italian, he lives in Italy. He will travel in January next year. We plan to get married as soon as he arrives, we are already clear about all the documentation that must be presented. Everything is fine for the moment. My question is the following, how long do I have to wait to go to Italy after we are married?

I am Cuban, I am married to a Canadian through the legal consultancy in my city of origin. As you explain, they gave me the two marriage certificates, one legalized, my question, do I have to register at the Canadian embassy in Cuba? Another question he gave all the documents or papers for a visa in Canada, what time may it take, I have to go to the Canadian embassy in Cuba my country for the visa or has change due to the covid, thank you for the attention.

I am Argentine and my boyfriend is in Cuba, I can get married by proxy and what would be the next steps, thanks.

I am Cuban and I live in the United States. My girlfriend is in Cuba and we want to get married. I am an American citizen. I have not returned to Cuba since I came 8 years ago. In which category do I enter, Cuban residing abroad or foreigner? Where can I request a single status here in the United States?

His immigration status for the Cuban authorities is that of “emigrant, must enter national territory with a valid Cuban passport.

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