dating an american woman: That Brit Reveals Precisely what Dating National Girls can be Truly Including

What have they achieved if they are the CINDERELLA of Europe. hahaha

I do not really doubt the studies that have been done to obtain these data and find this issue. Apart from what we are talking about other ages, cultures and eras, the truth is that I do not agree much with all this. There is always a reputation that we Latinas are women who are desired because they are horny and affectionate. And yes it is true, but I believe that each woman, whether Spanish or Latin American, is very different! And there are both beautiful and loving European women, we also have beautiful, intelligent and sweet Latin women. In itself, there is always for every taste both men and women.

Hello, I am Venezuelan. And I find some sexist and offensive comments Funny and uneducated. “There is a saying that says: Each head is a World.” I use it to refer to each person defining their lifestyle. Not all Latinas are the same, the way a person develops according to basic psychology depends on some factors, national and family culture, education, type of environment where the growth of the person develops. Not all people are and think the same and act the same, it is the typical male mistake; As I put in the saying every woman is Unique, in essence. And Saying “All Latinas” (They are) is a stupid and basic mistake of ignorance.

My question is: Did you date all the Latinas? No right! So do not affirm something that is not true. Although we have similarities as a woman, each woman has her own essence. And just as there are girls who are only interested in money (Everywhere) Not only in Latin America. There are also sweet, decent, educated, respectful girls, and with goals and commitments. If they did not know a magazine, what kind of woman do you approach or attract? Do not make as an excuse: “They are all the same.” Break the rumors and the ones it is supposed to be said of. And She knows the people and Values their Internal essence. And you will have a different visual. Goodnight!!!

Although I am also a Latin woman but unfortunately I must admit that you are right although not all of us are like that but if most of them are here, they like to live at the expense of men, I do think that the man should be the one who supports the home but never carry the load by itself. As a Latin American woman, I have never liked asking a man, I have always worked to have what I like and not feel sorry for anyone. I have several Spanish loves and one of them we have made friends with a lot of trust and he always tells me that I am the first Dominican he knows that he has never asked for money that will be that I am rich hahaha I say I am not rich but I respect myself and give myself my place and I have my pride hehe.

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