dating an american woman: That Brit Reveals Just what Relationship U.s . Ladies is usually Actually Just like

Falling in love with, dating or marrying a “gringo” can be very different from relating to a person of the same idiosyncrasy. Although some things do not change in the language of love (that of your body!), Trust our advice to walk with certainty in foreign romantic lands …

Before we begin, let’s clarify the use of the term “gringo” for our purpose, as basically an affectionate way adopted in Latin America to refer to Americans, but not excluding Canadians, and even including in some cases Europeans or other generally Anglo-Saxon foreigners.

Public displays of affection may not be the rule in America, but we cannot assume that they are the exception. In particular, due to the great extension and geographic diversity of the country, you can find a great variety of behaviors that will not automatically be the same in a New York subway as in a Nebraska restaurant … In addition, some laws are still in force (somewhat obsolete in the 21st century) in different States that for example prohibit kissing in front of a church (Massachusetts) or kissing on a train (Wisconsin). However, except for these extreme cases, generally the North American can be as loving as any Latin American. The subtleties of sexuality when it comes to flirting, however, may differ slightly from ours, and may not be so obvious … So, to keep track of a sign of interest when it comes to flirting, keep your eyes out! wide open!

It is clear that in some countries and times of the year the cold is usually an ideal excuse to escape from the odd bathroom … and that is a reality both in Europe and in the cold cities of the United States. For our Latin perspective, however It’s not something we can accept, especially in the hot summer months. But, is it fair that we compare how many baths a gringo takes in winter with how many baths we take in summer? And to break this myth altogether, let’s remember that in our latitudes there are also those who prefer to skip the bath in the middle of summer!

Maintaining a serious relationship is not something cultural. Don’t expect a gringo to have this position just because they have come to your city on vacation! People are the same everywhere. There is the type of person who is determined to commit to someone, and the one who just wants to have fun. Language does not have to be an impediment to one or the other! (We help you with these phrases to take your relationship to the next level in English.)

Myth No. 4: Every Latin American who marries a gringo does so to get his “green card”

Obtaining a foreign citizenship is not as easy as it sounds. Nor is living in another country. And naturally, committing to someone requires a lot of will and work in the relationship every day. Marriages of convenience exist in any country and have various reasons, but that does not mean that we have to make this fact a rule (or a prejudice).

Being born in a rich country does not mean that you are automatically rich. In all countries of the world, people face more or less the same obstacles to achieving success in a profession or business. Winning in foreign currency does not mean winning better or more, just because the exchange favors the conversion in your own currency!

Now that we have broken these myths, look around you with new eyes and open yourself to a world of possibilities.

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