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From what I see in the traffic statistics of this humble blog, my article on how to flirt with tourists is experiencing some popularity in Google searches.

I’m not an international pickup artist, but being from the United States, maybe I could add something more to the art of seducing foreign women.

With that, I make the following advice available to the men of Spain (or the country you want), hoping it will help them.

Many American women who are vacationing here in Spain will not know more than four words of Spanish. Either you become a master of non-verbal seduction or you start studying. I’m sorry.

Of course, languages ​​are learned in bed, but you need a foundation to get there. But do not worry. With an intermediate level and certain security when speaking, it is enough.

And, as another blogger more important than me indicates, learning English also helps you in other aspects of your life such as business and work.

All American women always wear a shirt that says USA. This is how they differ from, for example, the French.

Not all the Americans are from New York. Perhaps the woman of your dreams is the daughter of a Texas farmer or a Mormon (Mormon?) From Utah.

Being from the state of Arizona, I know exactly what it feels like to face someone in the US who thinks that the whole of America consists of New York and Los Angeles.

There are more than 300 million people in the United States and with that we have a huge multitude of ideas, religions, colors and lifestyles.

So ask and be interested in her life. Which is probably not like what you’ve seen in the movies.

A woman is somewhat more open to “new experiences” if she is traveling and out of her country.

You can be this new experience, so go ahead. The worst that can happen is that they go back to Kansas City thinking that European men are too direct.

Life on the other side of the pond is not like here. As Americans, we left our parents’ house when we were 18 years old, and we started working earlier, we married earlier, we had children earlier and we divorced earlier. (We also died before, because we do not have the free doctor, but that is the subject for another article.)

Thus, an American can be married with 21 years and divorced with 24. Married again with 25, and already with 3 children from both husbands. Who knows?

Women, deep down, are looking for the same thing all over the world. If you take care of yourself, you know how to dress, and you are doing something with your life (apart from playing video games or spending nights in the discos) you will be much more attractive, wherever you go.

The American women I meet here in Spain generally say that many Spaniards are somewhat immature for their age. If you live with your parents in your 30s, well, that is going to seem strange. (But it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle.)

Be the best man you can and you will get what you want … whether it is flirting with an American or something else you are looking for.

P.S. The rest of this blog is in English. So you could learn something here too. Try 32 reasons why I love Spain or American Ignorance for more.

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