dating an american woman: The following Brit Discloses Just what Courting U.s . Women is definitely Truly Including

It seems to me that with a daughter and a mother I should never say anything bad about a woman. If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything.

True, Latina women are hard-working. I live in Brazil and 15 years there are everything they are more affectionate.

Latinas, Spaniards, who cares, we all have the co … or with the vertical stripe … I don’t know of a woman who has it horizontal.

Culture influences, upbringing, environment etc … each woman who does what she wants. If you want to be with a man, what you understand by a relationship ..etc. May they live as they are happier.

I am a Latina, a businesswoman, and I like to fuck… I like men, I like to pamper them, I love to make them a dinner, I love that they desire me. I am not a kept woman but I like to be given jewelry… I am a pussy woman!

God bless you all. I am Colombian, and transformed by the infinite love of Christ, and seeing all the reality of the women here, there, the woman is like a fragile vessel, that breaks, I know wherever, I have interacted with Many Spaniards and in my personal experience I could say that they are very friendly and educated, not most that I have met here, very macho, threatening, even abusive that they just thought we were

Their objects, some if they did not submit to them, they were even killed, but not for that, there should not be a kind and tender person who knows how to treat a woman, I have seen them love their wives and respect them, likewise the Spanish woman, It does not mean that they are all as they are described, I have heard of women who left their husbands on the street, and some about to commit suicide, because the law protects them a lot, this instead has been used to abuse men. noble and good, but there must be those pretty, from the heart who do everything to make her husband happy, apart from his good education, like those here too, but it is painful to see how they speak disparagingly, of us here, for the fact that being poor where there are not so many opportunities, which is positive, since in my case the minimum value is valued, something that perhaps is not seen in Europe, and that makes the characters different, as far as humility is concerned. We just wanted them to take us there, when even if it is something that seems impossible, God makes it possible, even if it is in dreams, I could see the beauty of those places, of that other world, only with sleeping and sunrise, that has no comparison, Because the earth and its fullness, the world and those who live in it, we do not expect someone to take us, when God already did.

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