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My question is, by being a permanent resident we can get married without having to pay and go to international legal consulting?

If your partner is a permanent resident in Cuba, you can pay for notarial services in national currency and not get married through the International Legal Consultancy.

I am Colombian and I want to marry a Cuban resident from beyond Cuba. After he is married, he can leave Cuba without any problem for my country, Colombia or what requirements or documents he needs apart from marriage to leave Cuba for Colombia.

You should ask the Cuban immigration authorities what are the requirements for a foreigner to enter that country, they are the ones who set their rules and procedures, we are Cubans and we do not know the specificities of Colombian immigration.

I am a Mexican citizen, as I have already explained, I was going to get married in April with my boyfriend who is Cuban, the pandemic arrived and obviously I could not travel, my single certificate I think expires at 6 months that is why I would travel in April when I was on my date. certificate, all these months I have been in tension about this issue, yesterday I read that the MINJUS has approved several resolutions for these purposes and wants to know if my case applies? If the same principles apply to international legal consultancies? Or will I have to legalize again because my certificate expires?

It is safe ? Sorry for so much insistence is that from what I can read the resolutions at least what I understood is that the resolutions are for Cubans, in my case that I am a foreigner, will it be like that?

For your safety, we recommend that you ask your future husband to go personally to the place where they will marry and ask the public official who will formalize the marriage act, you can also write to the official website of the Ministry of Justice.

My respect and greetings to you great professionals. I am Cuban and my boyfriend is German, 64 years old and retired. We want to get married before the end of the year and live here in my country because I don’t want to leave my country. My question. When he comes to get married, can he stay in my house while we are legalizing the marriage? What to do first, the marriage or the definitive stay in Cuba? Can you collect his pension from a bank in Cuba?

If the municipality where you reside is in the post-COVID-19 stage and phase that allows foreigners to enter, then your boyfriend can stay in your home without any difficulty, after notifying the territorial immigration authorities.

Later they will marry, only then will your husband be able to request permanent residence in Cuba from the same authorities of the Identification, Immigration and Alien Directorate (DIIE).

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