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If the documents were not issued in the Spanish language, they need to be translated and subsequently presented for legalization at the Cuban consulate in your country.

All documents issued abroad must be previously legalized at the Cuban Consulate in the country where they were issued, only then can they have legal effects in Cuba.

In any of the variants, CUBANS RESIDING ABROAD, even when they have acquired another citizenship, must present:

If for any reason the FOREIGNER or CUBAN RESIDING OUTSIDE OF CUBA will not appear at the marriage ceremony, he must grant POWER of attorney before a Notary Public or the Cuban Consul in the country where he is, in favor of a person who represents him in a matrimonial act, who must be of legal age, of any sex and nationality. If the power of attorney was issued by a Notary, it must be legalized at the Cuban Consulate.

To grant the power of attorney, you must have the personal data of the other spouse and the attorney-in-fact, these being:

All documentation must be submitted by those interested in one of the offices of the “Consultoría Jurídica Internacional, SA”, where “Special Notaries” are located, located in the capitals of all Cuban provinces and their addresses can be located through of the telephone directory or the official websites of those entities.

The date for the wedding is established at the time the request is submitted, serving the interests of the bride and groom within a term of up to 72 business hours for the formalization of the act after the request, once the authorization is granted by the Ministry of Justice (which is only necessary for marriages where one of the bride and groom is a foreigner and not between Cubans even when one resides abroad). The couple must appear before the Notary, accompanied by witnesses or their data, who must be of legal age and not have family ties with the couple.

Once the service is requested, all the documentation is delivered to the Notary, as well as the data of two witnesses for the act, which include:

The marriage service fee in Cuba is paid at the time of application. If you need an immediate service you would have to pay an additional 75.00 CUC.

When it is preferred to celebrate the marriage in another of free choice (hotel, salon, restaurant, home, etc.), an additional 75.00 CUC is paid for the transfer of the Notary to be established outside its headquarters.

Two marriage certificates will be delivered in Cuba to prove the condition of spouses before the Cuban authorities and those of other countries, one of them legalized in the Ministry of Foreign Relations (MINREX).

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