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Please, I need guidance on what to do please. I am desperate and he has permission to enter the Argentine Republic.

It is from the authorities that they ask for the Venezuelan criminal records that you must turn to and explain your situation. We cannot provide you with a solution in this regard, we do not know the reasons why you request that document from your husband.

The part of the text that talks about the Ministry of Justice is not clear to me, should I ask for this request separately or is it a legal consultation procedure? I clarify that it would be for a wedding between a foreigner and a Cuban. Thanks in advance. Greetings.

The wedding date is established at the time the request is submitted, attending to the interests of the bride and groom within a period of up to 72 business hours for the formalization of the act after the request, once the authorization is granted by the Ministry of Justice. (which is only necessary for marriages where one of the bride and groom is from abroad and not between Cubans even when one resides abroad)

The Notary’s Office (Legal Consultancy) runs the procedure in the Ministry of Justice, it is included within the service.

I am an American citizen and I wish to marry my Cuban fiancé. Apart from translating and certifying my divorce certificate and my birth certificate. I have been told that I must request a permit from the Cuban consulate in Washington to marry before the minister. It is true? And if so, can the order be made by mail or through an agency or is it mandatory that I appear before the minister? First of all, Thanks

You do not have to ask anyone for permission to marry in Cuba, it is a universal right that assists you, Cuba is a civilized country and a rule of law.

There is an immediacy service in the delivery of the marriage certification legalized in the MINREX.

Not that we know of, but you can ask directly at the International Legal Consultancy or the Collective Law Firms, also through their official websites.

I have a relationship with my partner who is Spanish and we want to get married by proxy, could you please tell me if the payment rate is the same or explain how it is?

Hello, I would like to know how long it takes to deliver the certificate legalized by the minrex for legalization in my country after the marriage is celebrated. Thanks a lot.

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