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My boyfriend has lived in Italy for 16 years but is not a citizen, we want to get married but what do we want to know if he, being a resident, has the right to claim or have his wife with him? What can we do to find out?

Her boyfriend, residing in Italy, must ask the Italian immigration authorities without his claim being possible or not. The rights granted by the Italian legal system must be asked by those who established them, we Cubans know.

I am Cuban and I married an Italian in Cuba 2 years ago, we applied for Cuban residency and they denied it, to reapply for residency we must present new documents, or those that we had already delivered are useful, do they make a new file?

A new file is drawn up, however, we suggest you specify the (specific) authority to which you must submit the documentation.

Hello, good morning, I would like to know if marriage by proxy with an Italian citizen is allowed, since there are some countries that do not accept it

I want to know well the steps we have to do here. My boyfriend is a resident of the United States, he is Cuban and I am Cuban and I live in Cuba but I want to know in what time or how long the legal consulting process would take, since he comes for a very short time.

Hello, I am Cuban and I have Mexican citizenship, my Mexican boyfriend and I want to get married by the Mexican way, is there a way for that marriage to be valid in Cuba, is there any procedure for it to also settle in Cuba?

After the marriage in Mexico, with a certification legalized in the government of that country, he goes to the Cuban Consulate and requests the registry entry so that said marriage can have legal effects in Cuba.

Hello, I’m Cuban and my boyfriend is an Ecuadorian citizen, we want to get married, we want to know if that way I can visit your country and obtain citizenship there …

Hello, I am Spanish, I got married 10 years ago in Cuba, the Spanish embassy denied permission for me to come

to Spain. I have been traveling, as a tourist. I am married there, can I live in Cuba? without being a tourist?

Hi Enric, I’m worried about that, in 10 years your wife hasn’t been able to travel to Spain? why? what happened?

My boyfriend is Cuban, I am Mexican, exactly how long can we get married in Cuba, we want to get married but I still reside in Mexico, what do we need so that he can come to live in Mexico with me after we are married?

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