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If you don’t master the pose, it will help you keep your balance doing tricks of all kinds. In this case, bent, crossed leg and bag in front. Pure style.

If you dress in layers (with measure and logic) you will be able to hide any type of defect, or you will simply give style to any photograph (possibly always winter).

If the day you take the photo you are wearing a garment with a lot of volume, play with it or in the photo you will see yourself larger than usual. One of the ways is to hold one end so that it shows that it is not you, it is the dress.

Another of the more ‘naturally studied’ poses is from the front, with one leg bent so that the knee makes the rest of the body not so static.

Don’t talk, jump or do weird things that fashionistas find so stylish and it’s so difficult for them to favor you in a photo. In general, you come out better if you pose, even if it is naturally.

If they do it, repeat it and repeat it again, it will be for something. In this case the cross is very light and the foot does not go to one side but almost in front of the other.

If you are two there is no way, the good thing is, you both face the same challenge: to look good in a photo, of the many that you can get done. Double tricks, put the leg to the side or cross the legs. You choose. Ideally, you should be of the same height or similar, but of course …

If the pocket thing doesn’t convince you or you don’t have pockets, this is another way to ‘balance’ the body. Hold the elbow or wrist of one arm with the opposite hand.

You will not get up for the photo, too studied. But make sure you are not completely on your side, cross your legs without loading the one below (fatal to mark everything) and put your back straight. It costs, but it is achieved.

We have already taught you two other ways to pose supported, which we believe is the easiest way to go well, since you will not be in tension. In this case, she supports her arm and flexes one knee, the one closest to the wall.

In her this movement is ideal, but do not risk knowing what can happen if you do this yourself.

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