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The essential is health reform, because in the middle of a pandemic, President Trump is trying to cancel Obamacare, which only gives protection to the poorest, 40 million people. People sometimes think that Obamacare provides universal healthcare, but no no, here there is no healthcare for 350 million people, only for the 40 who cannot afford it, and they want to take it away in the middle of a pandemic.

Then a judicial reform is needed, because the United States is the country that has more prisoners in jail, and a tax reform is extremely important. Of course they are going to raise taxes, very little, but for people who earn more than $ 400,000, not a penny more for people below that. That is reasonable at a time like today. We all have to move forward in a more supportive way.

That is, again, a disinformation campaign. For a long time it began to be repeated that he was senile, that he had cognitive problems, but then he appears in the debate against Trump and does it phenomenally well and shows the world that this is not true. Here, for me, there is a very clear choice between two personality types, which also reflects how the country is going to behave and how the country is already behaving.

All of us who know Biden – and I have known him personally for many years and more now in the campaign – we can assure that he is a person of human quality and an empathy that are very difficult to find among politicians. And we see it every day. There are images of him, recorded when he thought no one was around, giving money to a homeless man and chatting with him or hugging when there were no cameras a child who had lost his father in the Iraq war and crying with him.

He does that when no one is looking at him, because it is like that, a person who believes that what is needed is to fight for the soul of the country, as he says. I had a professor at the university who told me that the best way to understand how a person is going to act in the future is by analyzing what he has done in the past and he spent 42 years in the Senate and always characterized himself as one of the few senators who carried out the big bills, the most ambitious, in a consensual manner with the Republicans. That is very difficult today, in such a divided country. If there is anyone who can do it, it is him.

Biden has an enormous human quality and throughout his life it has manifested itself in the way he acts. Does the world need trade wars, confrontation, distancing and the breakdown of strategic alliances or does it require coalitions, agreements, collaboration? I think the latter, and that can only be done by an empathic person like him.

What is at stake on Tuesday is very important, not only for the Americans, but also for the whole world, for Europe and, in particular, for Spain. There has been a cooling and distancing from Europe, which is inconceivable, because it was the most untouchable, unconditional and perfect alliance there was, which has brought Europeans 75 years of continuous stability and peace.

Trump has questioned the validity of NATO, for example, but then he has waged a trade war with the EU. Unthinkable. And the country that has suffered the most is Spain. Not only due to tariffs and prohibitions and limitations on the export of agricultural products such as wine, oil, olives, cheese or pork products, but also in the industrial part. In Spain, and particularly in Andalusia, there is an entire Airbus components industry and more war is what we can expect in the next four years if Trump continues. We have a lot to gain if we collaborate and a lot to lose if we don’t. That is the choice between one and the other: if Trump wins, there will be more of the same, more lack of collaboration, and if we win, we will sit down to dialogue.

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