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I would like to know what we can do about it and how much it would cost us in total.

Please, it is easier for you to read the content of this post and you will find all the answers.

I am from Santiago de Cuba, my girlfriend was born in Poland and has her residence in England and we want to get married as soon as we enter the third phase that I think will be for August. What documents must he present, that of Poland or England. Surely she must bring the documents that ask that she is the place of birth and singleness, but she does not live in Poland she lives in England and where I am going is England. What should you do?

You must do what the law says. The required requirement is the certificate of birth and singleness, documents that are only issued by the records that the birth registration has. If your boyfriend was born in Poland, only the Polish civil registry can give you the birth certificate and not the English ones, nor any other office from a different place. That later you are going to reside in England or any other point on the planet is irrelevant when it comes to proving your boyfriend’s birth.

He believes that with this opening my boyfriend can travel to be able to get married, now he is staying in a hotel in a country since tourists must be there and for reasons they cannot leave, he believes that I can get married there I will be able to travel there since I think he will not be able to come to Stgo or it is already open for all provinces.

For now, tourists cannot leave the key and Cubans who do not work there cannot enter. We suggest you update yourself with the official notices of the Cuban authorities about the different stages and their phases.

You think that my Polish boyfriend and I can get married while he is in Poland and I in Cuba, because now with this COVID-19 problem, you cannot travel.

Everything related to marriage in Cuba is explained in detail in this post and the hundreds of comments, it is enough to read.

I am from Colombia and I live in Canada. To bring my partner who lives in Colombia, I must travel to get married to present the marriage certificate here. We plan to meet in Cuba, but I am concerned that I do not know how long the whole process will take there, I would also like to know the total cost of the marriage in dollars and if the papers it explains are sufficient.

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