3 secrets for creating female attraction

All women are different when it comes to their interests, beliefs, and goals, which means that there really is no perfect guy for all women. Some want a Christian and some want a guy who loves to go running every morning. However, there are 3 qualities that can attract any woman to any man, regardless of what kind of guy desires. If you possess these 3 qualities, then your chances of getting almost any woman you want are very high.

How To Attract Women With 3 Essential Qualities

1. The Right Kind of Body Language

Your body language will tell a woman everything she needs to know before you even get to say something. Therefore, if you use your body language in the wrong way, then you may turn off a woman before you even talk to her!
In fact, everything that you think or feel will be displayed by your body language in one way or another, whether you want to or not. This fact alone should have you rethinking how you approach a woman and everything you do when you talk to her.
First, you want her to see a confident, positive, and relaxed guy. That tri-factor of traits will attract any woman quickly. You can do this by:
- Leaving your arms uncrossed in a relaxed position.
- Not slouching or holding yourself in a way that displays fear or low confidence.
- Standing tall and relaxed to give the impression of confident yet easy going.
- Making eye contact with a woman when she speaks to you to show that you are interested and have high confidence.
Remember that shifty eyes can show low confidence and an unsmiling face can show negativity. Look at yourself in the mirror and you will see what I mean. Make your best pissed off face and then make your best-relaxed face. See the difference? Now use that relaxed face when trying to attract women.
As far as portraying a relaxed type of guy you have to keep your body focused and relaxed. This means no bouncing around while you talk, whipping your head around to see what is going on behind you, or using your hands as though they are about to propel you off the ground.
If you want to attract women, then keep your body relaxed, and make controlled and smooth movements. This will give off the ultimate appearance of relaxed yet confident.

2. The Right Kind of Conversation

So many guys hear that when it comes to how to attract women, cheesy pick up lines are golden to use. Not true. They can actually make a guy look desperate and unsure of himself. Worse, they can make a guy look annoying. Guys who use cheesy pick up lines almost always get rejected in one way or the other. They just make a bad first impression.
That’s not to say that you can’t use good pick up lines. Good pick up lines are made up of honesty and originality. If you approach a woman and notice that she has amazing eyes, then tell that without adding in how they could melt your heart. Or, if you like her hair, then tell her that without asking if you can smell it. Or, if you are at an event and she does something very well – tell her that you think she’s great at what she is doing, and you are very impressed with how easy it seems for her. Women remember nice compliments like this forever.
You can also talk about something that is happening in the present moment instead of feeding a woman any kind of pick up line. This kind of opener grabs her attention easily and makes it easy for her brain to switch into a conversation with you because she is actively participating in the present moment.
Here and now is where her mind is anyways, even though yours has been focused on what you are going to say to her. So not forcing her to think about something else or recall another moment in time is the best way to go because it allows her to naturally and comfortably move from her thoughts to communication with you. In addition, if she starts off being comfortable with you then you already are one up on most guys when it comes to attracting women.

3. The Right Attitude

Having the right type of attitude is essential in attracting women. In fact, using body language and starting a good conversation in a positive way gives you an advantage over many other guys who approach her negatively.
The best attitude you can have when trying to attract women is a relaxed yet optimistic attitude. For example, once you get a conversation going with a woman you do not want to talk about your boss and how horrible he is, or how much you hate crowded places like the one you are in. Whining or complaining will only cause you to lose major points with a woman.
Being positive is attractive to all women. It’s human nature to be attracted to people who lift up your spirits and make you feel good about your day and yourself.
Just do not take the positivity too far, as that can become unattractive as well. If you cross a line from positive to annoying, then you are going to scare away a woman quickly. No woman wants an annoying man. Therefore, see the world with rose-colored glasses, but don’t go over the top.
So there you have it! 3 Qualities that all women love in a man. If you know how to use your body language to convey attraction, speak in a way that doesn’t turn her off, and portray a guy that she wants to know better, than you are guaranteed to attract as many women as you can handle.

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