Text messaging tips for men

Whether you’re opposed to sending text messages or you’re part of the cult, sending SMS is the new art of flirting. Consider this situation. You just got home from a party and about to call it a night. Suddenly, your phone vibrates and you get a message from a guy you just met. “What are you up to?” the message reads. You pause for a while and think of an appropriate reply. “Just the usual routine. You?” And so the flirting begins. Your messages are short but the exchange is meaningful and full of hints

Many prefer to send text messages because they’re fast and inexpensive. Texting paves the way for a speedier communication. For a lot of women, it is a way to nurture a relationship. The trend shows no sign of slowing down and it is apparent in the growing number of people using this medium to date, flirt, and get in touch with someone special. The digital age has opened a way for potential lovers to connect without the awkwardness that comes with meeting face to face,
many men find it hard to find topics for conversation.

A lot of men view text messaging as a convenient tool they can use to handle their dating lifestyle. Sending a short SMS is a no frills, no explanation way of declaring an intention. However, not all women appreciate getting asked out through a text message. Some of them find it invasive and annoying when their phone is inundated with text messages from a guy they just met.

So, what’s the right way to do it? Here are some insights that can help you send sweet nothings without scaring the woman away.

Rule #1. Refrain from texting a woman when you just talked to her on the phone. You need to leave something for the imagination. Avoid using up all interesting topics that might help you keep the conversation flowing next time. You don’t want to give off the vibe of being too clingy or run the risk of saying too much.

Rule #2. If the chemistry is there, send a text message after a date ends. This sends all the right signals. Women like to be reassured after a date so that they don’t have to wonder whether or not you had a good time. Keep it simple, though. A text message saying, “tonight was fun. Looking forward to next time”, is as sweet as it can get.

Rule # 3. Avoid sending a text message in the middle of the night. There is something stalker-ish and creepy about this, not to say annoying. Even though you just intend to send a short message, the message tone can still disturb someone who is already asleep. If it can wait until morning, then try to exercise a little patience. You don’t want her to think you are inconsiderate.

Rule #4. Keep your tone light. As a rule of thumb, don’t type a message that you would never be able to able to say personally. Even if you get the signal that she’s into you, keep your flirting at a sensible level. This means no racy quips unless you receive one first.

Rule #5. Don’t text when you’re drunk. Combining alcohol and SMS is a recipe for disaster. Your inebriated state might tempt you into picking up that phone and type embarrassing messages that could cost you your love interest. Leave your phone at home if you have the tendency to get impulsive when drunk.

These text messages surely say something about you:

Hey, cutie! Want to have fun?- this says you are fearless when it comes to dealing with dating challenges. You are brave enough to be forward with all the intentions of getting flirty. However, try to keep the innuendos at a minimum unless you want to send a signal that a serious relationship is not on your radar.

Bored. My cat’s having more fun. How bout u?- it means you’re a guy with a sense of humor and humor gets the girl every time. However, it might be the one characteristic that can draw a date but it can also be a hindrance. Know when to switch from being funny to being romantic if you want to be taken seriously.

Hi. Any plans for tonite?- this means you’re subtle but direct. You’re a no-nonsense guy who goes after what he wants. However, this could go against you if you’re not careful. Directness can sometimes turn you into a boring dude while playing coy can help keep the interaction interesting. Keep her guessing without playing too hard to get.

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