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In this regard, Khatun wrote a letter to the Nepal Prime Minister of the Parliamentary Commission, and he met with Prime Minister in demand for a stronger law. In an annual period of an annual period of the Muskan, the Nepal President has announced that the Muskan has signed a decision to bring serious penalties against acid attacks as an indication of the efforts that Muskan showed about this issue.

For over 20 years, Zahra Mohamed Ahmad comes to the forefront with the defense of human rights in Somalia, especially the most sensitive groups. A successful lawyer, Zahra has begun to provide legal assistance to women who are detained before the victims of sexual and gender-based violence (CTCDŞ) are in detention in the detention without being seen in the detention. The founder of the organization named Somali Women Development Center (Somali Women Development Center), which reports all human rights violations and misuse of misconduct; The victims are supported by legal assistance, as the founding of Somali’s first FREE aid in combating CTCDŞ, Single stop centers for CTCDŞ victims, mobile legal clinics, family care centers, women and girls are secured to children and children in domestic children. operates community children’s protection centers.

Ranitha Gnanarajah is a lawyer who continues to struggle for the rights of the communities in the country in spite of the threats and troubles of the state to the state itself and the rights of the communities in the country. Ranitha provides free legal assistance and relevant services, it is dedicated to the provision of the victims of the victims of the victims in detention in the framework of Sri Lanka, in the framework of Sri Lanka, and without any provisions. On the basis of comprehensive experiences that he obtained with a person personally affected individual without conflict, Ranitha has exhibited an enormous passion and devotional sample of Sri Lanka’s most sensitive people in Sri Lanka.

31 years, activist and organizer with Canan Gullu, women’s NGOs as President of the Federation of Women Associations in Turkey umbrella organization location, 186 branches and is led by a 52,500-member organization. Canan is a stable advocate of gender issues, employees working to increase women’s management, labor force and education. In 2007, Turkey Women’s Associations Federation still continues its activities, established the first hotline for victims of violence. In the past two years, Canan has started the training and rights defense campaign of the European Council of the European Council, which is known as the Istanbul Agreement of the Turkish Government since 2012, and the deficiencies of women on the prevention of women and the contract of domestic violence. . Candice’s activism activities are of great importance in terms of strengthening the need to combat violence against women receive training about the Convention to the public and gender to suppress calls for the direction of the withdrawal of some politicians in Turkey from the Convention.

The main Rosario Contreras, the Chairman of the Union of Karakas Nurses, has been in the forefront of health professionals, patients and unions for rights.

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